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In this post customers can find answers to most frequently asked questions.

1. What are Beauty Scents candles made of?
The candles are made using environmentally friendly materials – natural or vegetable oil based wax,
cotton wicks and natural decorative elements (dried rose petals, cinnamon sticks, coffee beans and sea

2. Why soy wax?
Soy wax is an eco-friendly product due to wax is vegetable oil based
and being a renewable source as well as the wax being naturally bio-degradable. It burns cleaner than
paraffin wax due to its natural origins and leaves no petrol-carbon soot that can blacken the walls. In
addition, natural wax has excellent fragrance-holding qualities that means that the candles release rich
and long-lasting scent.

3. Is soy oil used for soy wax  sustainably sourced?
We use soy wax supplied by British manufacturer Kerax . The supplier states clear that the soy wax is of sustainable  sourcing. 

3. What kind of fragrance oil is used and how?
Fragrance oils used in Beauty Scents candles are chemically based perfume compound (mixture) which
means they are made to duplicate the smell of a specific plant. We look carefully after the levels of
sensitisers in fragrance oils we use. Beauty Scents candles contain 7% of fragrance oils – that is quite a
high percentage. Because the oils are carefully mixed with the wax, the candles are scented all over -
both inside and outside. All of this is to ensure that candles release the scent even when they are not

4. How do Beauty Scents candles burn?
While the candle burns, the heat of the flame creates a pool of melted wax leaving about a
centimeter-thick edge around it that keeps melted wax inside and creates a lantern effect due to the
light being released from the inside of the candle, protected by the wall of wax. In addition, heated by
the flame, the scent becomes more intense.

5. How long do Beauty Scents candles burn for?
Burning time varies on the size. Small candles burn for approximately 20-25 hours; medium – 40-50
hours and large – for up to 60 hours.

6. What happens to decorative elements when the candle is lit?
It is extremely important to remove orange/lime pieces from the top of the candle. Apart from that, all
of the decorative elements (rose petals, coffee, cinnamon) are safely protected from setting on fire by
melted wax. While coffee beans and cinnamon, heated by the flame, release their natural scent, rose
petals float in the wax creating beautiful patterns.

7. Can you re-use decorative elements?
Decorative elements, such as cinnamon sticks and coffee can be re-used as decorative elements only.
Under no circumstances they should be consumed or used in food preparation. The products have not
been stored appropriately for food consumption therefore might be harmful if swallowed.

8. Are there any health and safety issues?
The same as with any candle, it is important to follow a few simple rules to ensure you are being safe
and to get the most out of Beauty Scents candles.
The basic rules are:
 Don’t leave burning candle unattended
 Place a candle on a plate to ensure the wax is contained in case spillage occurs
 Always remove all the packaging and decorative elements before lighting the candle.
Orange slice on top of cinnamon candles need to be removed before lit the candle.
 Cut the wick to approximately 1 centimetre to ensure the flame is tame
 Do not move the candle while it is lit – hot wax could spill
 Do not burn it for more than 3 hours at a time; there should be about a 1-hour interval
between each set

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